Daily Victories from SSVF- Often a Temporary Housing is the First Step

What does it take to get a Veteran into temporary housing? Every case is different, but here are some of the things that happen:

  • an intake is done to make sure the Veteran is eligible for services- either homeless or at immanent risk of homelessness.
  • The immediate needs of the Veteran and family are assessed- medical needs, food, clothing, are there children?
  • Are there other options for the family? Relatives, shelters, program at SFH or Fort Roots?

Once all that is done, SSVF caseworkers can begin finding appropriate temporary shelter.

When everyone is snowed in, it takes a lot of long-distance cooperation to get things done. But thanks to SSVF staff members Brittany, Heather and Desiree in Little Rock and Jodi in Fayetteville, one family got the help they needed. “The family had been living in a campsite in Fayetteville but had just moved to living in their vehicle in Clinton. When the bad weather it, the Fayetteville office was working with them, but Clinton is in different county. Working virtually, Heather and Brittany stepped up and started a case on the Little Rock side. Between the four of us, we got the family into temporary housing, so they didn’t have to spend another night in the cold and the family is now in line for more permanent housing.” Desiree

“LH is an older Veteran who recently lost his wife. Since it was a family home in her name, he found himself homeless. He was referred to us by the Disabled Veterans Outreach in Hot Springs. He has since gotten employed and is in permanent housing in Hot Springs.” Betty

“MJ is a single Veteran mom with a seventeen year old son. Like many seventeen year olds, he also has way of finding trouble, usually just small stuff. But recently trouble resulted in the family having to move… quickly. They became homeless and MJ reached out to SSVF. We have them in temporary shelter for now and they are in line for permanent housing.” Michelle

“JK has a household of eight people. He began experiencing major health problems and eventually had to quit working. When the savings ran out and he still had no income, the family lost their home. After contacting SSVF, they were temporarily housed in a motel and have begun the process of getting permanent housing through HUD/VASH.” Ivan


“We got a call from a Veteran who was suicidal. Too many problems, overwhelmed, ready to give up. We got him into Fort Roots for treatment and after he was discharged, we helped him get into a motel for sixty days while we help him with permanent housing. We helped him find a job, got him his permanent place, got him furniture and all he needed and made sure he got moved in” Ivan