Just One Change of Clothes

HJ has been staying in shelters since leaving an abusive relationship. When her time ran out at her last shelter, she lived in a tent and began looking for another shelter placement. Unfortunately, an on-going health issue caused her to be hospitalized. Two ER visits and two hospitalizations later, she was released with only the clothes she had on. “I hate to say it, but everything changed when they found out I was homeless. My roommate was given toiletries and time to shower and get ready when she was discharged, but they rushed me out the door. My doctor had to get them to give me the hygiene items I needed.”

HJ had been coming to St. Francis House for her bus pass every month, but this time she needed more. ” I try to stay clean, but when you only have one set of clothes, even if you can shower, you have to put on dirty clothes. I just need one change of clothes!”

HJ found a change of clothes, got snacks and her bus pass and is ready to go into a new placement. “I can shower and have clean clothes to put on! I’m sixty-one and even with all that happens, I try to have a positive attitude. St. Francis House always treats us well and that truly helps.”