Stories from the Staff- Helping However We Can

AT is an example of helping even when we “can’t help”. He had moved here from Florida to help his mother who was ill. Her finances were in a mess and when she died, he didn’t have the resources to pay her back water bill. He lived in Cabot so St. Francis House couldn’t help with the bill, but we could give him resources in his area.

One of the Community Resources staff talked with him and gave him ideas of who to contact. He called back the next day; a local church had paid his entire phone bill and he wanted to thank “his little angel who talked him through it.”


HC had run out of time at a local sober living facility. He came in for food and a bus pass, but when we heard his situation we made sure he had a resource list of housing as well. After helping him make a few phone calls, he had several leads. He came back in today to tell us he was in a new transitional living facility!





“Do you have a blanket?” the older couple asked. They had recently moved here from out of state. They had a place to live to live, but deposits and fees had taken all their money for the month. They got food and clothing and yes, a blanket and more.


LK and JS have been good friends for years. Both have been homeless for a long time and LK is now in a wheelchair.  JS does his best to take of him. For reasons of their own, they don’t trust shelters and were living with just their belongings in a field near St. Francis House. They came in for food and when we heard their story, we made sure they had a tent , blankets and other items as well.