Daily Victories from SSVF Jonesboro “Don’t Mind These Ole Tears of Mine”

J.B. came to SSVF after the roof of the family home he was residing in collapsed after a downpour of rain. He was hurt in this accident and shortly after leaving the hospital, moved in with his daughter. Unfortunately, Mr. B couldn’t live there for long due to her lease. They contacted us and we did his intake and after approval, Mr. B and I went to work on looking for an apartment. I contacted another one of our apartment managers and had Mr. B do an application and within minutes, he was approved. Mr. B was happy and scared at the same time. When I asked him why he was scared, he said, “I’ve never seen anybody work as fast as you and to help an old man like me!” He was further blown away when I told him, we needed to sit down and order him some furniture.  “You mean to tell me  yall are going to buy me furniture too?” he said. When he found out about his bed and food, Mr. B started crying . ” I know God sent you to me, I just know he did and I’m so happy right now. Don’t mind these ole tears of mine because they are happy tears!” 

Mr. B was consistent with his weekly check-ins and never missed a week. He is now enrolled in the Shallow Subsidy program and he couldn’t be happier! – Tamika