Daily Victories from SSVF Jonesboro- Housed and in Good Health

MB was admitted into the program in May 2023  with a history of homelessness and hospitalizations for lung disease. For a time, he had  been living in a motel paid for by a nonprofit organization, but his time was there ran out. He experienced an illness and had to be admitted to the hospital and during this time his phone was disconnected so he had no way to contact anyone for help. He went to live in a camper with no running water or lights. He was  in and out of the hospital in the early months of his enrolment, and eventually, a case manager from the hospital contacted our program.  I was able to speak with MB and explain how I had been searching for him and was glad I found him. MB had so many obstacles to overcome, but his endurance and willingness  to do what was needed helped him through his darkest hours. MB’s monthly income was low; however, he was able to find permanent housing and get enrolled in the HUD program.  This meant he would be able to maintain his housing. He was so elated and very thankful and he continued to express just how thankful he was for a program  that went the extra mile for him. MB’s case has closed but to this date he is still housed, appears to be doing well and is in good health as well! MB is a success story I thought I’d share! – Cheryl