Daily Victories from SSVF Jonesboro- I Thought I Would Be Homeless

KT is a homeless prevention client who came to SSVF  last month. He had been a supervisor at a factory for 14 years and had been laid off 6 months ago.  He contacted the VA and they told him about our program. He had no idea that SSVF could help. He had exhausted all of the money that he had saved up, his unemployment had ended. He was behind on rent and had just received an eviction notice.  He  was at the end of his rope when he called us and didn’t have a clue of what he would do. We were able to pay KT’s back rent and cover his next month. SSVF also provided food and four months of utilities. KT told us he  didn’t know if he would be homeless and that he was happy and grateful that SSVF had saved him in the nick of time and to be apart of SSVF. Cheryl