Daily Victories from SSVF Jonesboro success: New Furniture!

D.L was the first Veteran I assisted when I came to SSVF. Mr. L had been living in his car for a few days before he found out about our program. It was during the hot summer months and he had no air conditioning in his car. As you know, the mosquitoes are bad here and he was eaten up with bites when he came to our office. After completing his intake, his case was opened rather quickly. I made one phone call to an apartment complex where we have a positive relationship with the manager. She told me to send him over and they would work on his application. Within hours, Mr. L was approved for an apartment. Mr. L was able to move in the same week. We ordered his Welcome Home Kit and then sat down together to order his furniture. Mr. L was under the impression we were going to get him used furniture and said that he will go by the thrift store and start looking at furniture. I advised him that was fine if he wanted to go that route but that we were buying him new furniture. He lit up with amazement and started crying. He said,”Ms. Tamika I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t come across you guys, not only did you get a place in less than a week, but ya’ll are buying me new furniture”! He was further blown away when we were able to get him some food for his apartment. Mr. L completed the program after his second recertification because he found a great job that was paying him a good amount of money and he was still receiving his monthly disability check. When we sat down to do his last recertification, he said to me, “I’m thankful for all the program has done for me and getting me to this point in my life and I feel good about it!” -Tamika