Daily Victories- SSVF Fayettville

The W family (Veteran, 60, and his wife, 49) came to SSVF in Fayetteville after losing their home and all their belongings in a house fire. This was the first experience of homelessness in their lives. After the fire, they relocated to Fayetteville because they had heard the Fayetteville VAMC was one of the best in the nation. Upon their arrival in Arkansas, they began camping outdoors and called the local VA for assistance. They were then referred to SSVF. We promptly enrolled them and immediately began providing Emergency Housing Assistance and seeking housing for them. With support from their SSVF case manager, they were able to obtain housing that met their needs and preferences and was close to bus lines, VA hospital, and local resources and food pantries. SSVF assisted with security and utility deposits, a bed purchase, and six months of rental assistance. Mr. and Mrs. W were able to follow a monthly budget and pay their utilities and their portion of rent on time. They are now being transitioned to Shallow Subsidy, and they plan to use that time to pursue Mrs. W’s disability claim and work on building their credit score with the goal of eventual home ownership with a VA loan. They are excited to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming homeowners for the first time, which would not be possible without the extended support available through Shallow Subsidy. -Desiree