Daily Victories from SSVF- Going Strong and Helping Others

AA is a seventy-year-old Army Veteran receiving Shallow Subsidy, an SSVF service to assist Veterans who don’t receive any other rental subsidy but who may need long-term rental
assistance.” She reached out to SSVF because her set income is only $500.00 and affording a place to live was out of reach. 

SSVF was able to help her find a place to live and will pay half her rent for two years, long enough to get more financially secure. She is now working part-time through the AARP work program and has also recently started a PRN job at her local library. 

But even though things are tight, she has a heart for helping others. When she met another woman who was homeless, she found a way to assist. She found an abandoned outbuilding nearby, cleaned out all the trash and turned it in to a little safe space away from the elements and other dangers. Then she got groceries and stocked it with necessities. She calls and checks in with me often and she was so happy she could help someone else. People like this make working for SSVF the best job ever.” -Brittany