“I Stayed Because of My Children”

LJ came in to St. Francis House to get a bus pass. She was on a walker and moving very slowly. Her health overall is poor- epilepsy, liver disease, diabetes, and injuries from beatings recently and over the years. 

“I ‘ve been married twenty-one years and he was violent for the last nineteen. Physical, mental, sexual abuse…everything.  I wasn’t allowed to work or do anything outside the house. I stayed because of my children. While I was there, he didn’t abuse them. And he made sure they never saw him hit me. I covered up the bruises and just kept on. But they are all able to be on their own now. My oldest daughter is in medical school, my middle daughter is a nurse and y youngest is graduating college and hoping to go to medical school. My oldest boy is in the Navy and my youngest son is joining the Marines. They are all very independent; after what I was going through, I taught them not to have to be dependent got her bus pass, some snacks  upon anyone. I’m so proud of all of them!”

LJ left her spouse on January 7th and went to a local shelter. But the last beating was severe and she had t be hospitalized. She on y recently retuned to the shelter. “I called them every day to make sure I still had a bed. They were good enough to hold it for me. Unfortunately when I got back, someone had taking most of my things.”

LJ stayed and talked for quite a while. We made sure sure she got hygiene items, clothing and snacks along with her bus pass. “Thanks so much for talking with me. It’s been so hard. I still get night terrors and can’t sleep. But I’m working on filing for disability and taking care of my health. And I’ve already started  classes at the shelter so I can be more independent. I’ll be fine and my kids are doing great! They’re worth it.” -Linda