I’ll Definitely Check Into That!

DS is a young man that is also a long time client of St. Francis House, but we hadn’t seen him in a while. “That’s because I just got out of the hospital. I had to go in for some physical problems, but I ended up being admitted to the psychiatrics unit afterwards. I’m back on my medication now and I feel a lot better.”

As we talked, Christina looked him up and noticed he had not been coming in for commodities. She explained the commodities program and his face lit up. “So I can get groceries twice a month. I’ll see you in about two weeks!”

He got shirts and shorts from the clothing room and his groceries. He stopped to talk again. “The hospital gave a month’s worth of my new¬† medications, but I’m not sure what the co-pays are or if they’re covered on my insurance. I haven’t taken any of my medications for about six months.” He didn’t know about our prescription help. He left with a smile and a final statement. “Thanks for telling me! I’ll definitely come and check into that!” -Linda