Welcome Darron!

Our newest volunteer, Darron McCoy, moved here recently from St. Louis, Missouri where he had worked as a painter. “I’m on disability now. I couldn’t keep doing painting everyday.”

Mr. McCoy continued “I was staying at a local motel when a friend suggested I look into staying at Quality Living Center. I wasn’t interested in their program; I just wanted an inexpensive place to stay. I hadn’t been part of the life for over twenty years. When I was younger I was involved with drugs, alcohol, guns, jail. But I had quit all that, had a successful business and even volunteered with youth organizations. But I was still doing some pot. At first, the constant talking about drug use and recovery got on my nerves, but the longer I was there, it started to make sense. Now I realize I was in the right place. I’ve completed their program and I’m three months chemical-free. I’d like to volunteer at four non-profits over the course of a year so I can find what I want to do. And St. Francis House is my first one. I come every day. I think St. Francis House does a good job of helping people and I like being a part of that.”