Life’s a Journey

Navy Veteran Kristina Ballard is outgoing, enthusiastic and has never met a stranger. She grew up in Slidell, Louisiana and joined the Navy in 1986. Her ex-husband was also in the Navy and she has a son and a daughter. “And three grandchildren- 18, 11 and 10 years old!”

Ms. Ballard was an aviation storekeeper stationed in Brunswick, Maine. “That makes it sound like a had a shop with shelves to dust or something, but basically it meant I took care of supply, everything from aviation parts to items for my fellow servicemen.”

After leaving the Navy, Ms. Ballard and her husband moved to Illinois to help care for his mother. “I have an associate degree in early childcare development and ran my own daycare for ten years. After we divorced, I had lots of ups and downs, but I recently realized I could go anywhere. I needed a new start and wanted to get back to God’s country, the south. I have a good friend here in Arkansas that I’ve known since we were eight years old. I moved here to be close to her. I decided to come to Little Rock because it’s close to where she lives, but big enough to have resources. One I found out about St. Francis House, it all fell into place. I’m set up at the VA for my medical needs, I’m looking into getting my VA benefits because I have some disability, I’m looking for an apartment and I’m looking for a some type of job. I’m even considering going back to school, maybe for social work.”

She continues with a huge smile, ”I’m blessed. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, good people who support me, friends….I believe life’s a journey and I’m going to enjoy every minute!”