Stories from the Staff: Helping People Receiving Help

LU recently got out of prison. he paroled to Quality Living Center (QLC) and has completed their one month program. He came in for his bus pass and clothes. “I got my bus pass referral from Jericho Way and came to get it here. It’s a huge help because I just got a job and don’t have transportation or any money to buy anything yet.” LU got his bus pass and thank to your donations, he got clothes for work and snacks for his ride back to QLC.

QLC is a private, non-profit offering, residential, outpatient and transitional services for those seeking help with chemical dependency issues and a chemical living environment. QLC does accept insurance for treatment programs. For more information call 501-663-3490 or go to


Our friends from Quality Living Center, Marc Palmore, counselor-in-training (far left), and two clients came by for a delicious food pick-up! It’s our pleasure to help those receiving help and helping themselves!