Who Does St. Francis House Serve in 2024?

Who does St. Francis House Community Resources serve in 2024? While our mission of meeting the needs of the underserved remains the same, the needs of the community  are always changing. Before COVID, our clients were primarily low-income families and seniors, many who lived in the neighborhood. 

When St. Francis House partnered with the Transportation Alliance Project (TAP), our number of unsheltered clients and clients  in temporary shelters quickly increased. And as the number of transitional living, sober living  and re-entry programs in the area increased, clients in temporary housing increased even more. 

“Our numbers are increasing every week, sometimes seeing 130 family units a day., and last month over half of those served received bus passes and almost half received snack bags instead of food bags. That tells us we’re seeing more people who are unhoused or recently housed. We still see a lot of our neighborhood clients, but the neighborhood itself is changing. This means our needs are changing as well. In addition to our regular needs, more snacks, travel size hygiene items, sleeping bags and backpacks or rolling suitcases are needed all the time.” says Christina Moore, Community Resources Coordinator.

One thing remains constant, St. Francis House will be here to meet the needs of our neighbors, no matter who they are and what they need.