Daily Victories From SSVF- Sometimes It’s Small Victories

Getting into permanent housing can be a long road, but simply keeping someone off the street is a victory. JG and her three children were one step away from homelessness when she called SSVF. Her landlord had sold the house she was renting without warning. “We were able to get her into temporary lodging and in the process of getting housed through HUD/VASH. It’s just a start, but at least they’re not on the street” -Carly

SO was discharged from a shelter in a nearby town. “He had used up his days and didn’t have a place to go. We were able to intervene and put him in emergency housing right away. He has an apartment approved and it should be ready in one to two¬†weeks. –Michelle

For those with addiction issues, the road to recovery is never a straight line. That’s even more true if all the important people in your life are also users. That’s the case with EA. From a Veteran family, he and his brother are both battling addiction issues. So are their significant others. “We’re not sure where his brother is, but EA is still in contact and keeping in touch with HUD/VASH. He’s trying to get back on track so we’re keeping his file open. We all make mistakes. When he’s ready we want to be able to get him what he needs as quickly as possible.” -Monique