Stories from the Staff-Still Trying to Get into Shelter

When TJ and GJ lost their rental house in March 2023 in  the tornados, they and their two children, a four and five year old, were left without shelter. They have been living unsheltered ever since. GJ is now pregnant with their third child. They are on a waiting list for a local family shelter, but it can take a long time to be accepted. “Those babies were so hungry. We found everything we had to make their life a little easier. Snack bags, socks, hand sanitizer…it wasn’t much, but when GJ saw me give snacks to the kids, she broke down and cried.” -Jane


KD and JD have been homeless for year and are waiting for housing. “We’ve signed up for housing through River City Ministries , but right now we’re homeless,” KD told me. They got their snack bags and clothing and she asked for undergarments. Clean underwear and a bra might be something we take for granted, but she was delighted to find both in our clothing closet! -Linda