Daily Victories from SSVF- Working Together

FL is a sixty-nine year old widower who lost everything nine years ago when his house caught fire. His wife was bed-ridden and even though he tried to get her out, she perished in the blaze. He’s been living on the streets ever since. He was recently picked up by the Little Rock police and the officer brought him straight to SSVF at St. Francis House. We got him housed within a week. After nine years, he has a home again. – Carly

PC came to Little Rock in December after his wife passed away. Medical costs and other financial issues left him homeless, living in his car. He contacted SSVF and was placed in emergency housing due to his own medical issues and then into housing in Hot Springs through HUD/VASH.

PC does seasonal work work and when his job ended, he takes part-time jobs to make ends meet. This year, that was not enough. SSVF was able to get him enrolled in Shallow Subsidy which will pay half his rent for two years allowing him to save for those times he is between jobs. – Angela

We all work together at St. Francis House to meet clients’ needs. SC came in to St. Francis House Community Resources for a bus pass and snacks. He told me was a St. Francis House resident a little over a year ago. When he said he was sleeping behind St. Francis House, I knew we had to do something. I contacted Carly, an SSVF staff member and she got him over to the Day Treatment Center. They gave him an immediate referral and he is housed with St. Francis House tonight! He’ll have an intake with SSVF next week – Christina

BF and his wife, J, came to St. Francis House to find out about SSVF services. They had moved here from Florida and have lived  with his wife’s mother for the last four months. They have three children and need to find their own place to live. J does not have a job and BF is on VA disability. After getting an intake scheduled with Tameka, they ran into Ersalene and she referred them to Community Resources so they could get groceries and clothing. Monique is their permanent caseworker now,  and the family are moving forward on finding their own place to live. – Linda