A Hard New Year

Mary and Jay had been clients of St. Francis House for several years, but this year brought difficult changes.

It was here in Little Rock that they worked, raised their children, and paid off their house. Retired, Jay was on disability, and they both received Social Security. Still their combined income was barely over $1000 per month. But together, they got by.

When the terms of Jay’s Medical coverage changed, the new high deductible meant he could no longer afford his medication. This is what originally brought Jay to St. Francis House. Thanks to a locally-funded prescription fund, St. Francis House was able to help Jay get his medicine every month.

Unfortunately, Jay recently passed away. At 80 years old, Mary finds herself alone and struggling to make ends meet with only her Social Security check of about $100 per month.  A small savings account is helping pay her bills right now, but that has to last until the paperwork for her to receive Jay’s Social Security benefit comes through.

Mary came to us again, this time for food assistance. This New Year hasn’t brought happy  changes for Mary, but St. Francis House is here to help her through.

Image Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo