St. Francis House Helps with Health

Sometimes staying healthy can be hard as St. Francis House client Doris knows all too well. Doris has been coming to St. Francis House occasionally for groceries since 1998. She and her husband John, both in their early eighties, live on Social Security. With their house paid for, they get by with minimal help and are proud, independent people. Unfortunately, when Doris became ill a few years ago, she lost an extreme amount of weight and has not been able to gain it back, further impacting her health. She continues to need extra calories and recently began experiencing bladder problems as well. When St. Francis House learned of the need, they began providing Doris with not only food, but Ensure and Depends every month. It may seem like a small thing, but part of the St. Francis House mission is to meet the needs of the underserved, those who needs aren’t met by other programs. We’re happy to help Doris stay healthy and enjoy a better quality of life in her later years.