Miracles Do Happen

They’ve been happening for Tara and Todd for a while now. Tara has been coming to St. Francis House since she became homeless three years ago. An injury left her unable to work and getting her disability payments approved took some time.

In the meantime, with no help, no job and no money, she became homeless. But Tara doesn’t dwell on that. “I would come to St. Francis House and every time I came, they always had what I needed. Snack packs of food to get me through the day, clothes, once a big purse that could carry all my things.”

Once her disability came though, things got a little easier and when she met Todd, life got even better. They married, and though Todd is still going through the paperwork for his disability, they’ve managed to find a house and a car.

The biggest miracle however, is baby Jessica! Todd has been told he could never father a child due to a previous accident. Tara, that she couldn’t carry a child through pregnancy, but Tara got pregnant. “This was a miracle baby. It was hard, but I made it through the pregnancy.”

Baby Jessica was born after a hard delivery, and it was touch and go initially. She couldn’t breathe at first and spent time in an incubator. “St. Vincent’s was another miracle. We didn’t have insurance, but they were there. When Jessica began to breathe on her own we were the happiest parents ever.”

Todd, Tara, and Jessica still come occasionally to St. Francis House. Money is still tight, and sometimes they need help. But Jessica is thriving,  and Todd and Tara are happy.  They will both tell you that life is filled with miracles.