Helping Our Unemployed Healthcare Workers

An unintended consequence of the COVID precautions at healthcare facilities has been the lay off of health care workers. In April alone, 1.4 million health care jobs were lost, especially at ambulatory health care facilities. And not all of those jobs are coming back.

St. Francis House is beginning to see some of those workers. Leticia was furloughed in March from a local medical practice. In late May, she received a letter from her employer that positions had to be cut, and she would not be returning to work. She also found out that her benefit stipend for her COBRA insurance would end on June 1st. When the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance ran out, her unemployment income dropped to less than $900 a month for herself and her two boys. Luckily, there was enough rental assistance available to cover her rent while she continues to look for another job!