Adjusting to New Circumstances

Neil Myers had a great job with a local manufacturing plant…that is, he did until COVID and the shutdown. He was laid off when the plant closed, and there are no plans to reopen soon. A widower with seven children, he had been saving to move from an apartment to a house, and even with the change in circumstances, he wanted to do everything possible to make that move happen. He began to receive food stamps and SSI and recently found a job though it only pays $13,000 a year, a fraction of his former salary.  

However, through careful planning and diligence, he was able to keep enough in savings to make that move with one exception….getting the lights turned on. He did not quite have enough to pay the bill. His first paycheck was only $200, and with deposits and his regular electric bill to pay, he needed over $500. Thanks to your donations, FEMA grants, and a lot of time and patience, SFH Social Services was able to make up the difference.