Tiny Baby Needs Big Help

Ella was not planning on a new baby for a while yet, so after being laid-off from work, she jumped onto the opportunity to receive training to help her land another, better job.

Three weeks ago, Ella was in Conway for manager training when the unthinkable happened. She went into labor very early. Her baby boy was premature and so very small. Doctors told Ella that he would need to stay in the Neonatal unit until he reached a minimum weight of 5 lbs.

Having no family in the area, she camped out at the hospital with her two year old. When she received her final pay check, it was not even enough to cover her utility bills. Now she critically needs supplies for the new baby – diapers, clothes, bottles, and all in tiny sizes for a preemie.

Ella called St. Francis House for help, but we don’t have anything in preemie sizes. St. Francis House was able to help with her electric bill, and when we spoke with her recently, her little boy is now home. The financial struggle continues. The hospital wants her to continue the first few follow-ups in Conway, and she doesn’t have a vehicle. On top of everything else, Ella couldn’t look for a new job while caring for her children. Can you help us help her?

Donations of baby clothes, small diapers, and other infant needs are being accepted at St. Francis House for Ella. Designate monetary donations by writing “Ella” on the memo line. Online donations can be made with the Donate button on this page – add “Ella” in the special instructions box. Let’s help get this new little life off to a good start!

Photo Copyright:  gdbrekke / 123RF Stock Photo